Different Types Of Violins

different types of violins
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What Are The Different Types Of Violins?

You might be wondering what the difference is between various types of violins across eras. Well there are many different types of violins, but they all are designed during different centuries and eras according to the style of that period. In the modern world, we use mainly classical and contemporary violins.

Classical Violin

Classical violins are violins that were made centuries ago. Typically known as antique violins, usually made about 100 years ago. You can still find these violins sold at music shops. Because of its age, the violin sound production will be full and rich. Therefore, the price for such violins can be quite dear. In addition, violins in the past were not made by machines therefore, you can only expect 100% handmade violins.

Bass Violin

Bass violins are actually not violins. It is not placed on your shoulder when played. Bass violins are commonly known as double based. It is larger than the cello and usually played standing or on a high stool.  They produce a thick and heavy tone. The bass violin was developed in Italy in the first half of the sixteenth century to play in consort with the violin and viola

Contemporary Violins

Contemporary violins means violins that are made by makers in the contemporary era. They are available for every person who want to start their violin journey. It can be machine made, semi handmade or 100% handmade. The price of contemporary violins can range from $100 to $100,000 or more.

The styles of making a violin  are very similar with classical violins. Very similar. However, with modern technology and fresh new skills on making a violin, the tone of the violin may sound a little different compared with classical violins that were made centuries ago. Some say that the older the violin the nicer the sound will be produced. It is true to a certain extent. However, the wood needs to be from a country that produce wood that can mature over the years and be well kept.

Fiddle Violins

Fiddle is just another term to call a violin. The name violin is used for classical and jazz  music. While the name fiddle is used for folk, country, and bluegrass. Essentially, they are the same instrument.

The biggest difference between each type of violin is the uniqueness of the instrument that you are buying. Each type of violin has its own characteristics. Each of these types of violins can be used for a specific purpose and for different occasions.

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Different Types Of Violins