Discovering The Joy and Benefits of Violin Lessons for Kids

Have you ever considered violin lessons for kids? Or rather, you have thought of sending your kids to violin classes, but you just do not know how and where to get started. There are indeed quite a variety of musical instruments out there that kids can learn, but have you ever wondered why violin is actually one of the more popular choices?

To some, playing the violin seems like a bit leh chey (means Tedious in Singlish Vocabulary) given its complexity of the instrument. While to others, it is simply a blessing. Generally, bowed instruments are quite tough to learn as they are more sensitive compared to other musical instruments which make it even more difficult to self-learn. Thus, it is important for kids to take up violin lessons to prevent bad habits from creeping into their progress.

Kids violin lessons in Singapore may seem a daunting task, but if kids have the passion and patience, they can easily pick up the violin in no time. In general, a violin lesson for a kid is around $40-$50 per hour (See the violin lesson rates). Lessons are generally conducted either in a one-to-one setting or group setting. They can choose to have lessons at the comforts of their home or in music schools.

Let us uncover the advantages of violin lessons for kids that can possibly change your kid’s mindset towards playing the violin.

violin lessons for kids in Singapore

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Benefits of violin lessons for kids

Improves physical strength and hand-eye coordination

Some of you may have wondered what does playing the violin got to do with physical strength. Do not be surprised that it can actually help to build up your physical strength. When kids play the violin, their arms and fingers tend to get stronger due to the twitching of muscle fibres while playing different notes. As a result, they gain flexibility and strength in their arms and fingers.

It helps to improve their posture as they have to sit upright for some time which strengthens their back at the same time. In fact, it helps to strengthen their upper body because of the extra weight of the bow, instrument and their arms. Joining beginner violin lessons for kids also helps in developing better hand-eye coordination as your left hand’s fingers get to press down the strings at varying intervals and your right hand’s fingers get to control the bow.

Builds up social skills

This will be pretty useful if it is in a group lesson setting. The study has shown that young children get to enjoy and learn more when they are in a group. Kids can learn violin with perfection from one another’s mistakes during lessons and subsequently, they can improve better and faster. It can strengthen their synchronisation at the same time when they are playing the notes. They can interact with one another during breaks or even after classes which certainly boost their social skills and confidence.

It also helps in inculcating a sense of social responsibility as well by helping other avid violinists to learn a particular violin piece.

Sharpens memory and creativity

Whenever young children learn a new violin piece, they have to read and memorise the notes. Not only that, they have to grasp the rhythm of the notes in the music sheet as well. After which, they have to practice coordinating both of their left and right arms while playing. All of these involve both long-term and short-term memory. Through constant repetitions, it builds up muscle memory. For kids, it is vital for them to think creatively. Learning violin enhances creativity as they can also get to come up with new melodies and pieces which can simply stretch their brains to another dimension.


In a nutshell, taking up violin lessons can indeed improve your kid’s physical, mental and social aspects of life. With the proper guidance and technique, your kid is able to feel shiok (fantastic) during lessons. If you would like to get your child exposed to violin lessons or bring your kid’s violin skills to greater heights, do consider signing up for our violin lessons especially for kids.

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