If you have any questions about LVL Music Academy in regards to our music services you can refer to below frequently asked questions.
You may also drop us an email at contact@lvlmusicacademy.com or call teacher Janice at +65 8200 4711 and we will answer all your questions.

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What are the fees for violin lessons?

Violin lesson fees are within the range of $45-$110 per lesson, depending on the level and where the lessons will be held. Typically beginners will start at $45 per lesson.
See the violin lesson fees table here.

Should I buy a violin before learning?

You are encouraged to start learning on a good violin to encourage good playing and better posture. If you are unsure if you will like to play the violin, you can rent a violin from us. Rental prices start from $30 per month.

If you like the violin that you rent, you can eventually buy it from us. Our teachers will be able to guide you to choose a suitable violin.

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When will you collect the lesson fees in Singapore?

Lesson fees are collected before the 1st of every 4 lessons. Lesson fees are in a roll of every 4 lessons.

Will I have make up lessons if I am unable to attend that week?

Yes, you can re-arrange timings with your assigned teacher.

Can I do a trial lesson to see if I want to continue learning the violin?

Yes, definitely.

Are your violin teachers certified?

All our violin teachers​ have gone through ABRSM (Association Board of Royal School of Music ) certification and with years of experience.

Location of violin classes?

Violin classes can be conducted at your home or at teacher’s place.

How are your violin classes conducted?

All our violin classes are conducted privately. That means one-to-one classes. Our teachers take great care in providing quality violin lessons to the students, hence having private home lessons will maximise your learning.

When is a good time for a child to start learning violin?

Every child is different, however, we can recommend age 4 onwards to start learning the violin. Age 2.5 -4 years, you can introduce them to basic music appreciation.

You can find out more information by going to kids violin lessons page.

I am an adult, is it too late to learn violin?

No, it is n