Keyboard vs Piano: Top Main Differences

keyboard vs piano difference
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If you are a newcomer to the music world, you might be confused about the difference between piano and keyboard. It’s not always obvious what properties they have in common, and the differences between the two.

Certain things are the same for either. For instance, knowing how to read piano notes is the same for both keyboard and piano. In this guide, we look at the distinct differences.

Table of Contents

How The Sound Is Generated

One keyboard and piano difference is how the actual sound is generated. On a piano, particularly an acoustic piano, the sound is made by a string being hit by a tiny “hammer”. This makes the sound of each key project and resonate acoustically.

A digital option like a keyboard will instead trigger a recording of a piano or other sampled sound when the key in question is hit. The sound is played by speakers rather than being made acoustically.