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As a mother I know how important convenience is. Therefore, having violin lessons at your own home is really the most ideal arrangement.
I have students whose parents insist on travelling out of their house for violin classes but the rate of continuation of lesson is lower than when the class is held at your own home.
True that some parents feel that it is better to learn at a teacher’s place because their own home is distracting or other siblings are around. However, it may come a time when travelling for classes becomes tiresome and students will have a higher chance of saying “let’s postpone the class to next week”.
Learning the violin has to be a consistent activity. Twice a week is the best for beginners but at least once a week. Twice a week is really stretching it.
With this, I do hope you consider having lessons at your home or preferably learn from a violin teacher who stays really near you.

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Learn Violin At Teacher’s Place or At your Own Home?

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