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Welcome to Jviolins, an arm of LearnViolinLessons. We are a leading music shop in Singapore. You have come to the right place to buy violins to start or advance your violin learning journey. As violin teachers ourselves, we do believe that owning a good violin plays an important role in the entire violin learning process. According to history, Stradivarius violins are the most prized violins. However, there are not many Stradivarius violins left in the world and even so, those existing ones are worth millions of dollars. You do not need to invest millions to get a good violin or cello.

Violins For Beginner To Advanced Players

We started a collaboration with finest master crafters of string instruments to produce good violins suitable for both kids and adults beginners to advanced violin players. When you have a good violin, you will feel motivated with the beautiful sound produced and there will be a higher level of comfort level when playing.
The violin itself should sound nice on its own, you do not need to try to make it sound nice. Since we work directly with the makers, our violins are well priced and affordable to the pockets. This applies to violins of all sizes for kids to adults.
The violin sizes start from 1/16 , 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4.

Violin shop in singapore

We have semi handcrafted violins to hand-made violins to antique violins. These violins are made of the highest quality woods at the most affordable prices in our Singapore violin shop. Semi handcrafted violins will be more suitable for beginners in terms of cost as they are priced lower than handmade violins.
We understand that beginners may not want to invest in handmade violins yet until they know they will continue learning the violin on a long term basis. Therefore, the next best would be semi handcrafted violins. We provide the option to buy or rent violins. All our violins come with a bow and a case.

Usually by 12 to 13 years old, the violin used will be a 4/4sized also known as full size violin.

How To Choose A Violin Suitable For You?


Our founder, teacher Janice works closely with the master crafters and luthiers to ensure that our handmade and semi handcrafted violins are of the highest quality. Materials used for our products include European Maple and Spruce, Ebony, etc. These are the original types of wood used by Italians to craft the instrument. It is important to select wisely in a violin that suits your preferences, be it the sound, weight, aesthetics, etc.

You will need to love and enjoy playing your violin. When you do, then you will continue and excel in learning the violin.

Accessories To Compliment Your Violin

On top of getting a violin, there are a few accessories you would need to get started. To mention a few, rosin, shoulder rest, cleaning cloth, music stands, mute and more.


The rosin helps create friction between the bow hair and string to produce sound. Typically students should re-apply rosin every four to six playing hours, which equals about two times per week.

Shoulder Rest

The shoulder rest is used to promote comfort in playing so that no bad postures will develop. It is to fill up the gap between the shoulder and the violin. It can be adjusted in height to customise the comfort level for different players.

Cleaning Cloth

The cleaning cloth is used to maintain the violin. Very little maintenance is needed for a violin. After playing the violin, it is advisable to develop a good habit of using a cleaning cloth to clean the violin to prevent any dust or rosin particles from settling on the violin.


The mute is used for violin players who would want to practice at home without producing loud sound to not disturb other household members. This is an individual preference to use it or not. However to enjoy the tonality of the violin, you should do without the mute.

Music Stand

The music stand is a definite must to get. It is used to put your songbook on it so that your songbook can be on your eye level which will then promote you to stand straight and develop good posture. There are other accessories you may consider to get too which you can view in our shop.
Feel free to contact teacher Janice to arrange a free consultation on how to select a suitable violin for both kids and adults violins.

“Everybody can play the violin. All you need is a good violin, weekly lessons and practice.”