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It is easy to schedule a perfect piano class either for your kids or yourself from top piano teachers in Singapore selected by teacher Janice.

Why Take Piano Lessons:

Pianos are one of the most played and oldest musical instrument that is played and enjoyed by many around the globe. If you are considering piano lessons in Singapore then you are in the right place. Learning to play the piano can be a form of stress release, a means to overcome stage fright or even using your skill to serve or entertain people. We also offer a range of private piano class in Singapore.

Why Learn Piano With Us:

Whichever piano class in Singapore you eventually settle for, one thing you want to be guaranteed of is a quality practice and teaching session. If that is what you are after, then we are sure to meet and surpass your expectations.

Encouraging and teaching your kids to play the piano by signing them up with a good piano teacher in Singapore is a sure way to build and boost their cognitive skills. Likewise, children who learn to play the piano will come to develop the habit of working hard and discipline as it takes a lot of practice and hard work to become good at playing the piano. Similarly, we have the right teachers with burning passion to ensure your kids become great at playing the piano over time.

Beginner adults are also enjoyed to sign up for private piano lessons in Singapore if they have a busy schedule as we have experienced teachers that can come to your home and have quality practice sessions with you at your own time of choosing and convenience.

Teacher Janice is the founder and your first point of contact. Read more about her.


The convenience of having private lessons either at your home or at the teacher's place for you or your kids


Training & practice by experienced piano teachers in Singapore with ABRSM, Diploma & Degree certifications


Unlike other websites, we do not charge for matching a suitable teacher for you


I really enjoyed my classes with Janice, she knows how to teach you step by step and her prices are reasonable. Thanks 🎻
Hanieh Rezaei
Hanieh Rezaei
17:14 28 Apr 18
It is really helpful to have such a service to connect with teachers directly. I had first emailed many schools for lessons for an adult beginner, and had got almost no replies. Having been learning with Janice has been very helpful to correct my errors and learn the basics properly from the ground up. She is patient and her lessons have been a good mix of theory and practice, strengthened through exam preparations. I also appreciate the flexibility of being able to arrange timings at mutual convenience, as my schedule is unpredictable - don't think this would have been possible through a big-name school.read more
Ankur Baranwal
Ankur Baranwal
10:20 08 Oct 17
For my boy who sort of wonder off at time, firm and caring Teacher Xiao Qing makes sure he gets back and focus on his pieces. It helps that Teacher Xiao Qing is a mother herself with a young child and knows how to handle them.read more
Nicole Tan
Nicole Tan
14:11 18 Sep 17
The lessons are fun and interesting The teacher is knd and helpful as she helps me whenever i need help
Oh Zee Ning
Oh Zee Ning
14:22 13 Sep 17
Lesson was Good , Mr Elgar is a patient teacher who teaches in a no stress environment making it easy to learn
Andy Sow
Andy Sow
13:38 12 Sep 17
My childhood dream was to play a violin. As a beginner, I searched for a violin teacher to properly demonstrate and explain to me the basics of playing a violin. I came across this website, Learn Violin Lessons Singapore, and inquire for a teacher. The response was so quick and gave me all the information that I needed like the materials that I need for the lessons, necessary fees and of course the quality of the violin. Overall, I love the service they have provided me. Currently, I am studying violin under Ms. Janice. She’s very accommodating, encouraging, patient and compassionate, which makes me enjoy playing violin. Keep Inspiring people.😊read more
Gemz Cruz
Gemz Cruz
04:32 06 Sep 17
Charlotte has a very short attention span. She would start to play punk or cry at her previous teacher after 15 minutes of every lesson. But never since she started learning from teacher Janice. She enjoys her violin lessons a lot and did not complain that the lesson is too long. We believe that Charlotte will progress more and excel under teacher Janice's guidance.~ Agnes&Max, parent of Charlotteread more
Max Song
Max Song
03:29 02 Sep 17


Do I need to have a Piano to start?

It is recommended that you get one to ensure you get enough practice time to ensure you learn faster.

How old should my kid be to start?

Typically, anytime kid older than 3 can start learning how to play the Piano.

Can I do a trial lesson?

Yes, we offer trial lessons for first-timers.

How much are the piano lessons cost?

Piano lessons cost can vary widely depending on the levels and teachers.

Beginner Level: $45-$65/lesson       Grade 1-3: $50-$75/lesson

Grade 4-6: $70-$90/lesson                 Grade 7-8: $95-$110/lesson


Playing the piano can be a great way to relieve stress.

Learning to play the piano can help you improve your cognitive skills.

You can play your favourite songs with your piano skills.

Want to become a great pianist?


We have no hidden costs, not even for teacher selection, we work according to your requirements.

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