Top 5 Best Piano Pop Songs Of All Time

top 5 best piano pop songs of all time
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The piano is a great instrument that is very pleasant to the ears. There are a lot of benefits from playing the piano, and the classic songs by the all-time greats are readily available to help you improve and broaden the horizon of your musical mind. But, no matter how much the benefits are, no law says you must strictly learn the piano with classic songs. Have you ever considered pop songs?

Many piano players usually start learning the piano by using classic songs. This is a great way to approach learning the piano, but it shouldn’t be the only way. There are lots of pop songs out there that can improve your playing skills if you give them the same time and commitment that you give to the classic songs. When you play a pop song on the piano, it makes learning fun and easier.

This is because you know most of these songs already and you won’t have to think hard about the next note in the song. Besides, classic songs would bore you out in no time; especially for those that do not like practising the keyboard for long hours.

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