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Are you looking for quality violin classes with affordable lesson fees? A quality violin lesson requires a good and experienced teacher who can offer affordable lesson fees at the same time.
Learn from teacher Janice and her team of dedicated violin teachers.

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Violin Lesson Fees

Learning to play different musical instruments is a dream of many and learning to play the violin seems to be a particularly well-known aspiration. But unfortunately, the majority of these aspirations or dreams are not realised. Why is that so?

When it comes to the level of passion for music, motivation, and enthusiasm as well as the cost of the musical instrument can be a huge obstacle that individuals need to overcome. Learning how to play musical instruments including the violin is known to be pricey in Singapore, but there are still ways to playing the violin that will not cost you that much.

With lots of research and the willingness to learn and study the violin, one can become a good violinist and performer he or she had dreamt about. But of course, individuals have to note that their options still depend on varying factors such as personal objectives, level of self-discipline and starting level.

As you would expect, no option fits all when it comes to violin lessons, so violin lesson fees do vary. The variations on the prices are the most notable differences. Different rates may apply to beginners and advanced players.

So before enrolling and attending private violin classes, you need to note a few factors such as the fees for violin lessons and the duration of each lesson.

violin class fees in singapore
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fees for violin classes in Singapore

What Should You Expect from Violin Lesson Fees?

You are probably one of those wondering what’s the most you need to pay for violin lessons from a highly trained and experienced violin teacher in Singapore.
What could be the highest rate that you need to settle before you can attend lessons? The fees charged by teachers depending on several factors such as duration of lessons, the student’s violin grade and the teacher’s level of qualification since excellent teachers charge higher violin lesson fees.

So what to expect from these fees? These prices might include private or group lesson costs.

Costs of Private Violin Lessons

The costs of private violin classes usually start at around $40-45 for every half hour to 45 minutes, which might rise to $95 to $110 per 45 minutes. This applies to teachers that hold special qualifications. But again, the costs of private violin lessons vary depending on the provider.

Costs of Group Violin Lessons

Costs of group violin classes are usually charged a bit lesser than private violin lessons. However, these group lessons are usually not enough alone for learning how to play the violin as the teacher would not be able to give enough attention to each student, in order to pass them the right knowledge. Hence having a private violin teacher is the best option in learning this beautiful instrument.

If you are planning to enrol you can start with one lesson per week for an individual violin lesson and as you progress further you can have 2 or 3 lessons per week.

What Are Our Violin Lesson Fees

There are many factors, which come into play when our violin teachers set their fees.
Common factors that affect violin lesson prices are:


Finding a tutor who is both experienced with and exceeds expectations at training and teaching students is crucial to achieving successful outcomes. Teaching individuals to play the violin requires highly specialised methods. High level of determination and patience are also required.

At LVL Music Academy we emphasise a lot on the basic foundation for playing the violin.

For example, proper posture, bow hold and notes reading. So be rest assured that our violin teachers will teach you the correct way to start from the beginning.


Our violin tutors with a Diploma level may charge slightly more expensive rate for a violin lesson.

Venue of violin class

The violin lessons can be held at your home or your teacher’s studio. All these may influence the violin class costs.

Shane Mok
Shane Mok
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Learning the violin with Janice has been nothing short of an amazing experience. Accommodating and patient, she adjusts the lesson pacing to suit each student, making it a joy for anyone to jump into learning the violin. She makes learning music theory easy and fun, even for a beginner. During the first conversation, she took the effort to understand my needs, goals and even my preferred location, before pairing me with a teacher. You can be certain that you will be in good hands throughout your journey with the violin!
Mother of Sze Meen
Mother of Sze Meen
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Previously, Sze Meen had violin lessons in a well-known music school without much progress. Thereafter, we found teacher Janice, who is very patient and experienced. Under her guidance, Sze Meen has made good progress and became more motivated to learn. Teacher Janice makes the effort to update on Sze Meen's progress after every lesson. I'm so glad to have found a good violin teacher for Sze Meen!
violin class fees Singapore

To find out more about our violin lesson fees, please refer to the below table:

  • BEGINNER LEVEL $50-$75/lesson

    Easy Violin Lessons
    One-To-One Lessons
    Fast Learning Method
    For Kids & Adults

  • GRADE 1-3 $55-$90/lesson

    Pre-Intermediate Lessons
    One-To-One Lessons
    Fast Learning Method
    For Kids & Adults

  • GRADE 4-6 $70-$100/lesson

    Intermediate Lessons
    One-To-One Lessons
    Fast Learning Method
    For Kids & Adults

  • GRADE 7-8 $95-$150/lesson

    Advanced Lessons
    One-To-One Lessons
    Fast Learning Method
    For Kids & Adults