Violins & Accessories

Violins & Accessories

Hand-Made Violins

We are a team of violin teachers in Singapore that provide home violin lessons. We also bring in our own hand-made violins made with high-quality woods. If you are looking to rent or buy premium violins at affordable prices, please contact teacher Janice to arrange a free session for you to check out our hand-crafted violins. Our prices for violins are lower than other violin shops in Singapore, as we do not label our premium violins very high in price.
Janice works closely with our master luthier to ensure you get high-quality handmade violins. The wood used is European Maple and Spruce. French, Germany, Italian and Swiss. The same and original species of wood used by the Italians when the violin was first made. You will be ensured that you get to experience good-quality masterpieces at pocket-friendly prices. Enjoy the fine craftsmanship.
Everybody can play the violin. All you need is a good violin, weekly lessons and practice.


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